Dr.Schavit Face Serum Infused with Sea Buckthorn – Rapid Wrinkle Repair

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  • Collagen Booster - Our hydrating serum is rich in vitamin C&A and when applied on skin, it gets absorbed quickly and starts working by increasing collagen production which gives our skin a super lift effect. Restoring natural firmness of the skin making it look younger and healthier
  • Skin Illuminator – Sea buckthorn anti-wrinkle serum effectively sloughs away the dead skin cells and helps in skin rejuvenation by repairing damaged skin. With Its continuous use, it improves tonicity of your skin and brightens up the skin giving it a healthy glow
  • Skin Friendly Ingredients - Our wrinkle serum is formulated with skin safe ingredients including sea buckthorn, caffeine, hyaluronic acid, green tea extract and vitamins. All of the ingredients are known well for their age defying and anti inflammatory benefits. They effectively help in reduction of wrinkles and fine lines and giving you a youthful look you desire
  • Deep Hydration - Unlike other serums which drag the moisture away from your skin making it look dull and dry, our age-defying wrinkle reducing serum locks the moisture into the skin preventing flakiness and skin damage. It hydrates the skin deeply giving it a healthy and beautiful glow
  • For All Skin Types – Serum for face hydrating is free of parabens and dyes making it suitable to be used on all skin types such as oily, dry, normal or combination. No matter what your skin type is, you can enjoy the benefits of our rejuvenating facial serum for smoother and youthful skin
Dr.Schavit Face Serum Infused with Sea Buckthorn – Rapid Wrinkle Repair
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