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Panthenol Body Lotion for very dry skin


No. 1 for skin regeneration
For extremely dry skin
Adapted for daily use with the whole family.

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 No. 1 for skin regeneration
For extremely dry skin
Adapted for daily use with the whole family.
Indications for use: an aid in the comprehensive care of problem areas of the skin. Means hypoallergenic.
Recommended for use from 3 years.
Part of dexpanthenol: promotes recovery; It is recommended for daily use with severe dryness and flaking of the skin; ideal for restoring skin damaged by UV rays (tanning, tanning).
Active ingredients: dexpanthenol, tocopherol acetate (vitamin E), peach oil and shea nuts.
The mechanism of action of the drug:
Reducing inflammation. Dexpanthenol in combination with tocopherol acetate (vitamin E) have anti-inflammatory properties. This makes it possible to accelerate the healing of damaged tissues and significantly reduce the area of ​​inflammation, eliminate the burning sensation.
Regeneration of tissues. Unsaturated fatty acids of peach oils and shea nuts stimulate cell division, which speeds up the epithelialization process. Tocopherol acetate and dexpanthenol trigger the processes of connective tissue protein recovery (collagen and elastin).
Protective function. The high concentration of oils makes the application of the drug particularly comfortable. Oils and dexpanthenol form a protective film that does not interfere with the gas exchange of tissues. Due to this, the level of hydration of the skin is restored, peeling and a feeling of tightness are eliminated. Due to the restoration of normal desquamation (peeling), the formation of a uniform skin tone is observed, and melanins (tan pigments) are fixed in the skin for a longer time.
Method of application: apply a small amount of the drug to damaged skin. If necessary, repeat the procedure every 2-3 hours.
Volume: 200 ml.

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