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Dr.Sante OilyRich Eye Cream


to restore the natural perfection of the skin

10 most valuable oils
0% paraben

Eye cream with a complex of oils is ideal for thin delicate skin around the eyes.

The cream is effective as a moisturizing and nourishing agent that preserves youth, freshness and beauty.

Easily distributed and absorbed quickly.


Active ingredients: complex oils, caffeine


How does the cream: the composition of oils softens the skin, restores elasticity and enhances its protective function. Caffeine – cosmetic energy – activates metabolic processes in the skin, helps to eliminate toxins, reduces dark circles under the eyes.



• noticeably refreshed, smooth, soft and tender skin

• without greasy and tightness

• protected from the influence of aggressive environmental factors



How to use: Apply a small amount of cream to cleansed skin around the eyes. Spread with fingertips lightly patting massage lines.




Volume: 15 ml

Weight .2 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 1 × 1 in

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