BAGI AKRILAN – foamy spray for the cleaning and renewing of the shower stalls, acrylic bathtubs, Jacuzzis, swimming pools, ceramic tiles, and more


It is used for cleaning and renewal of enameled baths, shells and ceramics. Removes dirt, soap residue, limescale, rust, old stains, mold and fungus.

BAGI LCD Cleaner – For cleaning and glossing LCD, LED screens, laptops, mobile phones


For cleaning and glossing LCD, LED screens, laptops, mobile phones.

BAGI METAL CLEANER – For renovation, cleaning, and polishing of all types of metal


Not suitable for cleaning painted and painted metal products, products from aluminum and its alloys, Teflon coatings.

BAGI METEOR – Spray Intensive All Bathroom Cleaner


Bagi Meteor for cleaning and shining toilet bowls, sinks, ceramic tiles, spray

BAGI Office Cleaner Spray – An antistatic effective tool for cleaning and glossing office equipment and the entire office


It is used for cleaning PCs and TV (including screens), music centers, copying equipment, fax and telephone sets, office furniture, etc. We apply for cleaning plastic in the car’s interior

BAGI RAHITIT – Premium Furniture Cleaner. Cleaning and polishing furniture and wood products


A special effective tool for cleaning and shining furniture and wood products of all kinds.

BAGI SHTICHONIT – Carpet Cleaner. Concentrated, for cleaning carpet surfaces, furniture fabrics, car upholsteries. Spray


Concentrated tool Bagi Stichonite for cleaning and renewing carpets and upholstered furniture.

BAGI SHUMANIT – Cold Grease Remover aka. VELIKAN


Good to use on ovens, pots, frying pans, baking trays, stainless steel dishes, cooking surfaces, steam extractors, etc.

BAGI SHUMANIT – Cold Grease Remover. Spray for the immediate removal of stubborn and burnt fats/grease


A concentrated product for removing grease and other persistent contaminants in the kitchen.

BAGI SHUMANIT DELICAT – cleaning cream. universal


Universal cream for daily cleaning in the kitchen and bathroom

BAGI Shumanit Grease Remover Extra Foam – Concentrated foam to remove grease and other persistent contaminants in the kitchen


A chain foam, held on vertical surfaces, ensures long-term contact of cleaning components with contaminants, which easily breaks frozen fat and carbon deposits

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